Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions. Click the question to show the answer. As always, if you have further questions please contact us.

Searching the Provider Directory

   How do I use this search?

   Can I look up providers by clinic name?

   How do I find a provider or hospital near my home or work address?

   What if you don’t have a specialty category for the provider type I want to see?

   How do I find an Urgent Care Center?

Plans and Networks

   I don’t know what plan or network I have. How can I find that out?

   What if my doctor says they are in your network, but I can’t find them?

   How can I find providers or hospitals that participate in my network?

Directory Search Results

   There are too many results, how can I narrow them down?

   Can I have my search results emailed or texted to me?

   Can I see my search results on a map?

   How do I print a directory?

   How do I request a hard copy of the directory?

   What does the tier number mean?

   How often is this directory updated?