Annual CMS Compliance/FWA Training


PacificSource Community Health Plans is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. As a PacificSource FDR, you and your personnel[1] are required to:


  • Take the Medicare Parts C and D General Compliance Training;
  • Take the Combating Medicare Parts C and D Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training;
  • Review PacificSource’s Compliance Program and Policies;
  • Review PacificSource’s Standards of Conduct; and

Screen employees/contractors against the OIG and GSA exclusion lists


We need your help to ensure compliance with these regulatory requirements. As a reminder, all new personnel must complete general compliance & FWA training, and review our compliance program, policies, and Standards of Conduct within 90 days of hire/contract and annually thereafter. In addition, all new personnel must be screened against the OIG and GSA exclusion lists prior to hire/contract and monthly thereafter.


If you have any questions about the content of this letter, please contact your PacificSource Provider Service Representative. For your convenience, we have provided links to CMS training, the PacificSource Compliance policy and OIG and GSA exclusion lists.



[1] Personnel includes employees (full and part-time), administrative staff, clinical staff, board members, owners, temporary employees, interns, independent contractors and/or volunteers that work with our Medicare Advantage Plans.