Practice Guidelines

PacificSource Medicare supports the use of practice guidelines that are based on valid and reliable clinical evidence or a consensus of health care professionals in a particular field. Thoughtful choice of a particular guideline is difficult when there are many guidelines that vary or even contradict each other. PacificSource considers guidelines from high quality, trusted sources to be those based on a systematic review of the clinical literature, in which the quality of the included studies is assessed and inclusion and exclusion criteria for studies is specified. PacificSource uses trusted sources identified by the Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission. Guidelines are adopted to consider the needs of enrollees. PacificSource consults with panel physicians regarding guideline adoption. Guidelines are reviewed and updated periodically.

Guidelines are used as a decision support tool and provide clinical staff and providers and members with information about medical standards of care supported by PacificSource. Population based guideline recommendations are not meant to replace clinical judgment by a treating physician in caring for individuals with unique needs.

Guideline Documents