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    2023: Best. Year. Ever.
    We've got big plans for you—Medicare Advantage plans with:
    Freedom to see any doctor who accepts Medicare
    Generous dental benefits
    $0 premiums
    Over-the-counter spending allowance
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    You're going places.
    We've got you covered.
    Choose a plan with out-of-network benefits
    and you're free to see any doctor who
    accepts Medicare, anywhere in America.
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    The doctors and hospitals
    you want
    Many of the area's best-known providers
    are in our network—so you get the high-quality
    care you deserve, close to home.
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    Health and wellness extras
    deliver extra value for members
    Over-the-counter spending allowance
    $0 fitness program with free fitness
    tracker option
    $0 meal delivery after a hospital stay
    Global emergency assistance
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    Smile! Generous dental benefits
    included with most of our plans
    Includes cleanings, exams, and x-rays
    Annual benefits up to $2,000
    Zero deductible
    Zero waiting period
    See any dentist
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    Good news for people with diabetes
    Starting in 2023, insulin is capped at $35 per month for
    Medicare members—including those who use insulin pumps.
Call for a quote, to enroll, or for more info: 866-282-8814, TTY: 711. We accept all relay calls.